theserpentToday were are defined by the data that exists about us. In a hundred years from now someone could create a profile of me in seconds… I am numbers and I am recorded in so many databases, some I am not even aware of. Existence outside this state is impossible. But it hasn’t always been like this.

A hundred years ago if I had said I was John Smith from London, he is who I was. A few lies could deceive and nobody would have the means to challenge me.

Wilmott Smerdon Mack is an enigma because he may have created his own mystery. Undoubtedly a ‘Black Sheep’ he has made it impossible to find him. In family history research do we really need to find ancestors in their entirety? What I hope to do in these chapters is to put the flesh on the skeleton… the skeleton is the information but the flesh is the picture of a person. In a hundred years from now they may have the data… will they have the picture?

The Enigmatic Wilmott Smerdon Mack